What is a best wireless headphone

At the weekend, I took full-size best Bluetooth of 2017headphones Master & Dynamic. If you’ve never heard of such, then I can say: it’s a young New York company that entered the market of portable acoustics in 2014.

Master & Dynamic specializes in the production of premium headphones, and many western IT publications (Wired, The Verge and others) respond well to these guys.

This is Love

Very stylish accessories. MW60 is for men, and MW50 is for women. This is a new reading of the retro style, only in a modern way. The combination of metal and leather attracts the views of others and pleases the owner.


Master & Dynamic MW60

Device type – Bluetooth headphones with microphone
Type – full-size
Type – dynamic
Number of microphones – 2
Frequency range – 5/25000 Hz
Impedance – 32 Ohm
Weight – 345 g

The first time she saw it, she thought that the headphones were massive and uncomfortable. In fact, weight is not particularly felt. Everything is good, only the ears are sweating profusely.


Master & Dynamic MW50

Device type – Bluetooth headphones with microphone
Type – overhead
Type – dynamic
Number of microphones – 2
Frequency range – 5/30000 Hz
Impedance – 32 Ohms
Weight – 240 g

This model looks and feels more feminine and easy – even in the heat in them it is comfortable and convenient.

Size and shape


The MW60 is larger than the MW50 (200mm * 185mm * 50mm vs. 190mm * 175mm * 60mm), but it has a foldable headband. Both these and other headphones are easy to transport: they come complete with special cases and hard cases for the charging USB cable and wires for connection to devices.

For me, the MW60 is not very comfortable. Clearly designed for the male head, as I wrote. MW50 sit much better, and in them I did not feel like a Cheburashka with a big-wow-earing usha-ah. But in the first such thoughts came.

The principal difference in shape is only in the headphone cups: MW60 full-length elongated in the oval, and MW50 more rounded and overhead. Metal fasteners smoothly adjust the angle of rotation of the cups, adjusting to your head.

Feel for yourself and understand


The materials are very pleasant to the touch – kinestetics must fall in love with them.

In the 2016 model, the ear cushions are covered with sheep’s skin, and the headband is cowhide. A MW60 is made of lambskin.

The metal parts of both models are made of aluminum. All these details provide comfort during use and create the feeling of a luxury product.



Switches and buttons are located on the narrow outer end of the cup. It is necessary to get used to this, because they are rather small, and I often did not press the first time there. Without reaching the phone, you can put the music on pause, the same button take calls, add / subtract the sound.

Headphones conceal secrets: to switch the tracks you need to hold down the volume buttons on the headphones for a few seconds. This elegant solution is increasingly found on wireless headphones with physical buttons.

best bluetooth headphones

“No” to the wires

Fully wireless: best Bluetooth headphones with 4.1 and codec aptX.

Experiments at the dacha showed that the phone can be safely left in the house and walk around the site in the headphones. The signal does not vanish. Wires do not interfere with their absence. The main thing is not to go further than 20 meters, then interference begins.

Listen to music before the oppression

The manufacturer claims that the headphones work 16 hours without recharging. It looks like the truth. On the first day I studied them a little fluently and forgot to turn them off. I remembered this only the next. The headphones were still working, the charge was almost complete.

Even if the headphones are exhausted, the bundled cable comes with a 3.5 mm plug, with which the headphones turn into wired. The sound does not suffer at the same time.

Fire as sound

MW60 provide a clean, elaborate sound with rich and at the same time accurate bass. Such full-sized headphones, even without noise reduction, tightly protect the ears from most of the sounds of the outside world.

The sound of the MW50 I liked more. Balanced low frequencies can perfectly reproduce music of any genre. However, due to the fact that the headphones of this model are overhead, sounds from outside are a little in the way.

Headphones as headset

As a headset MW60 works well, but does not have dual microphones that reduce the level of external noise or allow you to hear your own voice in the headphones.

When I walked along the busy street, at the other end of the line my voice was indistinct, and I had a feeling that my ears had been laid.

Conversely, in the MW50, the two microphones used by the active noise canceling system make it possible to use them as an excellent headset for voice communication.

Headphones MW60 are available in three colors, and MW50 in two colors. In addition, the model MW60 has interchangeable ear pads: you can choose from 7 different colors. That’s what I understand – customization.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then these best Bluetooth headphones are for you. Personally, I’ve laid eyes on the MW50.